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kasulaperu south indian traditional jewellery22 carat gold kasulaperu is a south indian traditional jewellery. Lakshmi devi haram has stunning looks.Bunches of south sea fresh pearls in mini or small size were studded all across the long chain.Designer lakshmi kasulu or gold coins were connected  all over the traditional jewellery.22 carat gold gold coins with lakshmi devi encrafted with fine finishing were all hand made.Double step unique pendant with peacock designed at the top and a square pendant with lakshmi crafed undoubtedly gives a temple jewellery look.Semi circular shaped attachment was placed with precious pearls at the bottom.

Contact Details:

Seller Name: Bhavani Jewelelrs

Address Hoimayath Nagar, Hyderabad

for details contact  at 9908194122. Or u can also what’s up to 7799994438

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