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The pride of a Maharashtrian woman is incomplete without a gold thushi necklace. Woven with gold beads closely a thushi necklace is an heirloom piece in every Marathi household and is passed on to generations. The rushmathi thushi is also an integral part of a Marathi bride’s trousseau. Exuding finesse and charm, this artistic thushi showcases ingenious, intricate craftsmanship, adding grace to the wearer. The necklace has an adjustable thread and is designed in 22 karat gold. According to traditions, its granular design is symbolic of jowar seeds, which indicates that the newlywed bride will bring prosperity. Therefore, you can wear a thushi to any occasion and revel in its elegance and poise.

Sample Designs are below

10 Grams sanghmitra 22kt gold new thushi necklace

Secondly, Designs of Rushmathi 22KT Gold Marathi traditional Necklace
Radiant bridal and wedding traditional wear tushi necklace in pure gold with gemstones

Approx Metal Weight(gm) – 9.3
Height(mm) – 11.25
Width(mm) – 0.8

Gavya 22KT Gold Thushi Necklace
Classy occasional wear tushi necklace in pure gold

Similarly, A woman’s love for a gold necklace is eternal. Raid her wardrobe and you will find a plethora of gold necklaces in different designs, patterns, weight, and colour tone. In other words, It wouldn’t be wrong to say that gold necklaces are any woman’s weakness. This reason often prompts the leading jewellers to create beautiful collections of gold necklace for women.

Approx Metal Weight(gm) – 4.3
Height(mm) – 11.25
Width(mm) – 0.8

Finally 4 grams design of Priyana Gold Thushi Necklace
Festive occasion wear tushi necklace in pure gold with gemstones

Approx Metal Weight(gm) – 4.85
Height(mm) – 11.25
Width(mm) – 0.8

After that, These Kolhapuri-style inspired necklaces are trending for a reason! Nothing defines tradition, grandeur, and sophistication as beautifully as these pieces do. Have you added these must-haves to your jewellery collection yet?

Finally, seller details are below

Buy from: PNG Jewellers
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PNGJewelers
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Email: info@pngadgil.com

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