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JewelleryPictures website has showcased nallapusalu chain latest designs  for indian married women.white cz stone studded pendants gives the look of diamonds shine.As per hindu dharma every married women carries mangalsutra black beads chain on neck.It is believed to be keep you away from evil eye and brings good luck to the bride. By keeping knot with nalla pusalu it is said to bring fortune in the relation ship of wife and husband.People of different states wear varieties of nallapusalu. people of Tamilnadu wear something in tiles and Andhra people were in round shape where as maharashtrians wear mangalsutra in belt model. Indians treat them as a token for kids and good fortune.It is essential o wear nallapusalu chains in india.

nallapusalu models with weight

short nallapusalu chain designs

nallapusalu chain ;latest designs

12 latest nallapusalu chain designs images with less weight are displayed.for nallapusalu chain cost contact Bhavani Jewellers ,Phone: 9908194122 what’s app to 7799994438.

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