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Earrings are the most commonly worn jewellery. But most of the time we end up choosing the wrong one.A right choice of earrings will make you look your best every day! Since there are so many different styles of earrings available in all colors, shapes and sizes, matching the right pair of earrings with your face shape is way too tricky!

Whether you have a round face ,diamond shaped face or an oval face you need to put your best face forward for your wedding.
Jewellery experts shares the tips on how to choose earrings matching your face shape.

earrings matching face shape

Earrings for Long face

If you have a long face, medium size and large size earrings will giv ean impression that you have a wider face. so go for them.Also for day time events and mehendi choose chanbalis and jumkis.

Do not go for long and narrow dangling earrings or thin hoops as they will emphasize the length of your face.

Earrings for Diamond shaped face:

If you have a diamond shaped face opt for long earrings with rounded ends.this will add softness as well as length to your face. Try and avoid long angular earrings.

Earrings for Square shaped face:

If you have a square face you want to soften up your jaw line and cheek bone. so opt for long earrings with rounded ends.The best choice is to opt for a pair of dangling earrings.Ear drop of round gemstone is a safe choice.The idea is to accentuate the cheek bone and add softness.

Do not experiment with large ,square or overly round earrings as they tend to create an illusion of a wider looking face.

Earrings for Heart shaped face:

For people with heart shape ,triangular earrings will work really well. Elongated pieces with curvy ends will help to balance your face and bring attention to eyes cheek bone and jawline. Dangles tear drop and big chandelier earrings will look amazing on you. so go ahead and dazzle on your shaadi.
Avoid large or round button earrings as well as inverted triangular earrings as it will bring unwanted attention to the width of your head.

Earrings for Round shaped face:

You need long earrings.Elongated,narrow ,oval earrings will add the perfect amount of contrast to the face and will not make it look any wider. Dangling earrings with gemstones ,pearls and crystals of different sizes are a great choice.
Girls, keep away from round earrings,wide hoops and short dangling earrings.

Earrings for Oval shaped face:

Ladies with oval shaped face ladies look rocking in almost every style of earrings. Oval shape dangling earrings look amazing on you as they will accentuate the face of elegant shape with out adding any width or length.You will also look stunning while wearing tear drop earrings.

So girls remember! Jewellery is to enhance the natural beauty. So choose it wisely.

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