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22 carat gold pearls guttapusalu necklace paired with burmese rubies studded pearls earrings.Make your presence felt with these beautifully engraved ear-rings. With them, you will definitely feel like a queen.This design is a reason to capture the essence of absolute romance. Mesmerize everyone with these resplendent earrings with intricate design, complete with a dash of alluring gold.Yet another way to make her smile, this amazing pair of ear-rings is hand-crafted to the highest standards of perfection. Embellished with a royal pearl, it will make you the highlight of the occasion>matching necklace with rubies,emeralds and pearls.Suits for all ages of people and enhance the beauty.

guttapusalu earrings designs

pearls guttapusalu necklace designs with golden pearls



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