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ram pariwar mala in gold

ra,m parivar kasu haram design22 carat gold Ram Parivar Kasu Haram design is the most beautiful pattern  and is adorned with peacock theme design and rubies , emeralds. Ram Laxman Sita devi embellished gold coins adorns the jewellery all over the haram.For details about price contact Premraj Shantilal Jain Jewellers. A definetely unique piece of work with ram laxman and sita devi designed on every gold kasu. This ram parivar kasu  haram has different kinds of gems stones like rubies, emeralds and amethyst stones embedded all along the chain and around the border of every gold kasu. The colored stones and ram laxman sita devi design are the highlighting features of this piece of work.

For further details contact:
Address: POT MARKET, Opp BATA Rp road,Hyderabad
Phone: 9700009000 or 9951000005

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