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uncut diamonds kasulaperu necklace designsLakshmi devi kasulaperu necklace designs studded witn uncut diamonds ruby,emerald beads. Small nakshi finishing gold pendant dangles at the bottom of the antique finished jewellery.Short length kasulaperu necklace suits for any occassion. Uncut diamonds arranged in floral pattern is what makes this jewellery design special. Lakshmi devi idol is clearly visible on the gold coins mala. Everlasting jewellery in a beautiful design that will impress crowd around you.It is a jewelry that flatters you beauty with its breath taking designs.Pair it with fashionable gold Jhumkas for that awesome look.

Own this lustrous Uncut diamond kasulaperu necklace from Sri Krishna Jewelleries.

Sri Krishna House
Address: Road No.10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Phone: 040-2338 6092 / 96421 17422


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