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Traditional Maharashtrian jewellery is known for its mighty range of ornaments with a blend of pearls with gold.

traditional maharashtrian jewellery worn by priyanaka chopra

Jewellery essentials of a typical Maharashtrian Bride include Mundavalya, Kolhapuri saaz, Tanmani, chooda,nath, Ambada, Vajratik ,thushi, Bajubandh or Waki, mohana mala, surya haar,Dokyatil Phule etc.



Nose ring adorned with pearls and beads is one of the favorite jewellery for Maharashtrians. Every Marathi Bride wears this nose ring with pride. Nath is one of the ornament that makes Maharashtrian bride look different from other regions. Based on the region maharashtrians wear different kinds of naths namely Brahmani Nath and Karwari Nath.

traditional nath nose pin


A traditional Maharashtrian women ties her hair into a neat bun and embellishes it with gold pin called ambada. Beautiful Veni made with gold makes a women look traditional and royal.




This is a Neck ornamnet with tightly stringed Gold beads. Vajratik Necklace is known for its beauty.


gokak mangalsutra

Gokak Mangalsutra is an important accessory for married maharashtrian women. Traditionaly they prefer multi lined black beads with antique gold pendent.this looks a little different from usual mangalsutra designs.


Traditional ear jewelelry that covers the whole ear lobe with a jhumka hanging at the bottom.

kaan traditional earrings


Silver toe rings that a women wears after marriage. Usually these are gifted to a bride by her mother inlaw.

Bajuband or Vaki

Traditional armlets made with gold and precious stone settings. Checkout Awesome Vaki designs collected from best jewellers of india.




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